Employee/Worker Welfare supplies

Why Worker Welfare Supplies

Employee and Worker Welfare is a key theme in Qatar with many companies adopting “Worker Welfare” as their key objective and taking steps to foster a culture of care and concern for the well-being of their workers and employees.

Providing their workers & employees a safe, healthy, and humane working and living conditions is pre-dominant at the planning stage of many projects and many companies are adopting a holistic approach to worker welfare and in the process reaping the benefits of their approach, by achieving high morale, increased productivity & efficiency.

The Government is a key driver of Worker Welfare approach with various entities setting clear guidelines and set of principles and standards for workers’ welfare.

JMS is amongst the first companies in Qatar, to establish a dedicated Employee/Worker Welfare supplies division to support the Government Vision and the Corporate Sector requirements for innovative products and services in line with the worker welfare & employee welfare initiatives.

What Worker Welfare Supplies division offers:

Heat stress management climate control cooling wear

We represent Techniche International through its Middle East operations Techniche Middle East as its exclusive authorized distributor in Qatar.

TechNiche International, headquartered at Vista, California in US is the leading manufacturer of climate control heat stress management cooling apparel for individuals and corporates offering heat stress management cooling solutions to global clients across 50 countries in Sports, Defense & Police, Medical & Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Construction, Contracting, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Aviation, Animals, Civil and Industrial segments.

Techniche Middle East, specializes in improving employee & worker welfare through their range of protection gear which reduces heat stress in extreme weather conditions. TechNiche has positioned itself as the primary manufacturer and supplier of products that combat heat, heat stress and improve worker welfare in the Middle East, the company continues to enhance the welfare of workers in the communities that it operates in.

The Techniche product line consists of cooling garments and accessories for anyone at work, play or rest & its cooling wearables helps individuals, employees & workers mitigate the effects of high heat and humidity and improves productivity & efficiency.

Techniche Cooling Technology


Evaporative Cooling Perfect for cooling the body

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Phase Change Cooling Constant temperature

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Phase Change Cooling Constant temperature

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Fall Safety Systems

JMS is association with leading manufacturer provides a unique offering of Sale, Rental and project supply of:

Our principals & partners are the market leaders in the working at height and fall safety systems and known globally & regionally.