Fall Prevention Temporary Edge Protection system

Temporary edge protection systems are the first line of defense when working at height.

Edge protection protects workers from falling as well as preventing accidents from falling material and debris.

Edge protection is fall prevention equipment most commonly used during the construction of buildings, housing, stadia, civil structures and roads. It often consists of a toe board, a main guard rail and an intermediate rail.

We offer various types of edge protection systems built around speedy assembly economy and safety approach.

The Edge Protection System offered by us is safety oriented, that increases construction site safety without the use of commercial scaffolding.

The benefits of using the different types of edge protection system offered by us includes:

  • Compliant with BS EN13374:2004 for Class A & B protection.
  • Meets Class B, BS EN 13374.2013
  • Reducing the risk of major falls from heights compared to scaffolding.
  • Eliminating risk to public from falling debris.
  • No scaffolding required which equates to no down time waiting for scaffolding to be removed.
  • Single drilled re-usable anchor fixing system.
  • Engineered system with no tools & drilling required in most of the cases.
  • Faster than the traditional drill & fix systems leading to significant savings in time and labour.
  • Requires minimal training.
  • Multiple solutions for usage in lift shafts, floor edges, voids and stairs.
We provide technical support service to match the quality of our products. From the stage of design to installation, dedicated experts are assigned to ensure all customers receive the highest levels of service and the best possible technical advice.