Fitness & Weight

The KewlFit line of Cooling Vests are designed to help achieve fitness and weight loss goals. These products are a safe and all natural solution to accompany the healthy diet and exercise one is already doing.

Backed by academic research KewlFit apparel is changing the way we think about performance enhancements and weight loss products.

Brown adipose tissue is responsible for the successful defense of body temperature without shivering (American Journal of Physiology). Brown Adipose Tissue is visible only after mild cold exposure under PET-CT scan.

    KewlFit vests are:

  • Specifically designed to stimulate BAT
  • Activates BAT in upper clavicle, neck and spine
  • Phase Change Management cooling pax provides consistent 58 °F cool temperature for to 2-3 hours
  • KewlNeck attaches to upper chest via Velcro