Evaporative Cooling

HyperKewl™ Evaporative Cooling material is a unique fabric that absorbs and slowly releases water through evaporation protecting the wearer against heat stress.

Simply soak in water for 1-2 minutes, gently squeeze out excess water and enjoy the cooling effect for 5-10 hours.

HyperKewl product
HyperKewl product

HyperKewl™ products

A range of cooling apparel that uses HyperKewl™ Evaporative Cooling technology including cooling vests, neck wraps and head wear.

HyperKewl™ features

  • Low cost cooling system
  • Easy to use and reusable system
  • Uniform cooling
  • Lightweight, non-toxic and durable
  • Extensively used all over the world
  • Used in Sport, Military, Medical, Construction, Pet & Equine
  • CE Marked