If you were in Qatar last week you couldn’t have missed the gusts of strong winds and sandstorms sweeping over Qatar.

While many of us rush indoors and are cautious to avoid the impending dust and wind, our friends at many construction sites are not so lucky, especially the workers and employees at high rise construction towers face additional risks of getting hurt by falling objects and debris.

Our team went around at a construction site where we had supplied the safety net fans post the sandstorms to inspect the conditions of the safety nets.


The pictures speaks for themselves.Many nets were full of dust and small debris including plywood, cables, small pipes etc. which thankfully got arrested by the safety net fans. The same could have struck the vehicles parked below or to the workers attending to their jobs.

In our meetings with Project Managers an HSE Managers across construction sites we have been pushing forward the case for and benefits of a safety net fan installation.

Some of the common benefits offered by the safety net fans include:
•Protection from falling material
•Protection from falling debris
•Protection of workers falling from height
•Protection of vehicles parked

The usage of safety net fans has increased and its common to see the installations across high rise towers construction sites however the contractors prefer using them in construction sites above 10 floors.

We hope to see an increased usage of these safety net fans, specially in downtown areas and parts of Qatar with high pedestrian movement near the work sites where the number of floors exceed three in number.