KewlFit Weight Management Vest (WMV) for Female and Male: Product Code 6626F-WMV/6626M-WMV

The KewlFit Weight Management Vest for was specifically designed to stimulate Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT).

Academic research claims when activated BAT can burn several hundred calories a day. This tissue was originally thought to not exist in adult humans, until recently PET-CT scans showed activated Brown Adipose Tissue after the individual was exposed cold temperatures.

Harvard Medical School discovered that wearing a cooling vest set at 14°C activated BAT better than the weight loss drug Ephedrine. Dr. Wijers recently was quoted in the Obesity journal saying, “mild cold exposure can be a measure to prevent increases in body weight”. Further research in the New England Journal of Medicine indicates that activated BAT can boost the rate at which we burn calories by 20%.

Similar to the Harvard Medical School study, the KewlFit vest features targeted temperature 14°C CoolPax that are positioned around the areas of the body with Brown Adipose Tissue deposits.

Each vest will feature our 14°C CoolPax for the front and back two pockets to stimulate BAT of the spine and a CoolPax neck attachment that will stimulate BAT in the neck and base of neck. Users can expect 2-3 hours of consistent 14°C cooling without having the shivers or cold feeling that ice would bring.

The KewlFit WMV comes in a Kewler Carry Bag that will allow your vest to stay cold when traveling or on the go .

KewlFit Performance Enhancing Vest (PEV) for Female and Male: Product Code 6626F-PEV/6626M-PEV

  • Front Zipper
  • Adjustable side gusset for optimal fit on all body shapes
  • 100% cotton vest – provides comfort & wash ability
  • One Set of four Cool Pax TM inserts is included with each vest
  • Sizes: XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL, XXXL/XXXXL, Custom
  • Colors: Black/Sliver
  • Cooler insulated carrying bag included – helps keep Cool Pax TM colder longer
  • Insert Compatibility: 7065V

KewlFit KewlNeck Cooler

  • Simple V-neck with zipper closure; works for a wide range of people and uses
  • Can provide 5-10 hours of cooling relief per soaking
  • Lightweight, easy to activate, and durable
  • Comfortable quilted nylon outer with HyperKewl™ fabric inner, water repellent nylon liner, and black poly-cotton trim
  • Adult Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, Custom
  • Kid Sizes: 5-6 Years Old, 7-9 Years Old, 10-12 Years Old