Working at Height

JMS is association with leading manufacturer provides a unique offering of Sale, Rental and project supply of:

  • Fall Prevention (Temporary Edge Protection Systems, Guard Railing)
  • Fall Protection(Safety Netting, Safety Net Fans)
  • Fall Protection Horizontal and Vertical Lifeline system

Temporary edge protection systems are the first line of defense when working at height.

Edge protection protects workers from falling as well as preventing accidents from falling material and debris.

Edge protection is fall prevention equipment most commonly used during the construction of buildings, housing, stadia, civil structures and roads. It often consists of a toe board, a main guard rail and an intermediate rail.

We offer various types of edge protection systems built around speedy assembly economy and safety approach.

Safety Nets

Safety Nets protect workers on site by minimizing the distance of fall as well as absorbing the energy of falls. They prevent fatalities and serious accidents when working at height whilst providing freedom of movement combined with protection for the workers above as well as providing protection against falling objects for workers below.

Safety Net Fans

The construction safety net fan system is ideal for high-rise protection, where the protection of people and property from potential hazards is essential.

The safety net fan system catches and securely contains falling objects, protecting property, the public and site workers.

The safety net fan system has been designed to be extremely adaptable and is compatible with all construction methods.